In the pursuit of the most effective way of environment and climate protection, in accordance with assumptions of the European Commission LIFE Program, we can distinguish the following stages of the HESOFF project implementation:

1.    Preparatory actions:

  • Establishment of the research areas in three forestry districts: Krotoszyn, Karczma Borowa, Piaski and selection of treated and control trees.
  • Determination of the presence of Phytophthora phytopathogens through soil studies and examination of the condition of fine roots.
  • Determination of the health status of oak stands by field works, which included, among others assessment of crown defoliation.
  • Technical preparation of multisensor platform and its integration with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and its onboard systems. Performing test flights.

2.     Implementation actions:

  • Application of phosphites by aerial spraying in Krotoszyn and Karczma Borowa and through direct application to the bark in Piaski.

3.    Monitoring of the impact of the project actions:

  • Implementation of the flights over selected forest areas. Annual monitoring.
  • Determination of the health status of stands and habitat conditions of selected trees, by, among others measurement of the health index of stands – NDVI, which measures the water content and chlorophyll in the photographed object.
  • Assessment of the effect of phosphites on the health of the examined stands and habitat conditions.

4.    Communication and dissemination actions:

  • Establishment of this website dedicated to the project and bearing the LIFE Program logo.
  • Creation of information boards with the LIFE Program logo.
  • Preparation of the report in a non-specialist language.
  • Conducting lectures for institutions and universities.
  • Organization of forestry conferences.

5.   Project management and monitoring of the project progress: 

  • Project management by PMI methodologies.
  • Monitoring of project indicators.
  • Implementation of the audit.
  • Establishing contacts with beneficiaries of the LIFE Program and exchange of experiences with other participants.
  • Communication plan after the end of the project.


Top picture: Presentation of the first stage from preparatory actions – Orthomotap of the Krotoszyn area with marked control trees (purple dots) and treated trees (blue dots).
Bottom picture: Realization of implementation actions – preparation of phosphates and  spraying of trees from the air in the area of Karczma Borowa.



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