The main goal of the HESOFF project is to integrate innovative technologies with innovative methods of forest cultivation. During the implementation of the intended objective, and after the completion of the entire project, the following results and benefits are expected:

  • The professional assessment of the impact of  phosphites on pathogens of the genus Phytophthora.
  • 50% health increase in oak stands treated with phosphites.
  • 70% reduction in DNA of invasive Phytophthora pathogens in soil and plant tissue.
  • Professional estimation of dynamic changes in the amount of DNA of Phytophthora pathogens in soil and plant tissue during the course of the project over each year.
  • Improving the root systems of trees by 30-50% and increasing the amount of fine roots.
  • 30% restoration of tree crowns – reduction of defoliation.
  • Optimization of conditions and the possibility of using a multispectral camera on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to monitor health status of forest stands in Polish forests.
  • Dissemination (with publications, internet and meetings) of information about the project’s assumptions, its objectives and results, in order to educate the society.
  • Introduction to the practice of a new, environmentally friendly technology for monitoring health status of forest stands in Polish forests with the use of aerial imaging from the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).


Some of the expected results of the HESOFF project – improvement of the fine roots system and reduction of crown defoliation:



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